Event Team Coordination
Without the Headaches

The Synkro cross-platform app makes it easy for your team and all your collaborators to figure out what needs to be done when, where and how.

Screenshots of Synkro on iPad and iPhone
Synkro allowed us to centralize easily and quickly every information when working collaboratively on it and communicate efficiently to the team, our suppliers or client based on visibility criteria.
Synkro will become our go tool for onsite management task list!

Save Time

Save time on roadbook preparation, collaboration and communication.
No more Word or Excel email attachments.
No more version tracking.
No more document printing and pen fixing.
No more browsing through pages of data that are not relevant to you.

Avoid Mistakes

Make sure everyone uses the same version of your roadbook at all times.
Set reminders for tasks you don't want to forget about.
Keep track of what you have already done and never forget anything important.
Access all the detail documents you need, right where you need them.

Keep Everyone in Sync

Make your roadbook accessible to your entire team, but also to all the people you collaborate with.
Each user can filter the information that is relevant to them.
And Synkro works on all smartphones, tablets, browsers and other devices.

Forget about Excel...

From this...

Excel roadbook

To this...

But whether in spreadsheet or list mode, you can easily filter tasks by person, by room or by topic. And you can search everything too.

Try it out today!

We have set up a special demo account with a fake event for you to play with.