Synkro is your event planning roadbook and checklist on steroids. No more messy paper drafts, scrambling to update teams, and multiple versions of documents circulating amongst your event staff.

Synkro provides a single source of truth with real-time updates throughout the lead-up and execution of your conference, congress or seminar.

Every member of your professional organization and event planning team has access to the same information, with both a big-picture view and the ability to filter down to what is most relevant for their role.

Using this centralized platform for event planning saves time and reduces human error by streamlining essential conference team communications. Try it for yourself and see Synkro’s key features below.

Make Information Easier to Find and More Relevant for Your Teammates

Excel spreadsheets are often messy and show a lot of information that your collaborators don’t necessarily need to see all the time, making the information they do need less accessible.

  • Of course, you can still see all your tasks from a bird’s eye view in spreadsheet mode

  • But whether in spreadsheet or list mode, you can easily filter tasks by person, by room or by topic. And you can search everything too

  • You can filter and search documents too

  • And you can view image and PDF documents straight from the tasks they are attached to, within the app

Help Your Collaborators Act on All That Information and Keep Track of it

Information stuck in Excel, Word or even worse, paper documents, is often dry and static. It can be hard to keep track of. For your collaborators, it is easy to forget things or not see a task they are responsible for.

  • Right from the list of tasks, you can mark them as done or undone for you, or set reminders to receive an alert before a task starts

  • You can choose how long before a task starts you want to be warned

  • And of course you can do all of that directly from a task’s details too

Make All Your Event Information More Dynamic and Collaborative

With traditional documents, you often send them left and right as email attachments, it is hard to keep track of the last version, and hard to distribute updates in a consistent manner. Which makes mistakes more likely and headaches more frequent.

  • Administrators and editors can create and edit tasks straight from the app, and updates are immediately distributed to all your collaborators, no refresh needed

  • Same for documents: you can upload new documents from the web interface on your laptop, or straight from tablets or mobile devices

  • You can easily batch rename people, rooms or topics and changes are replicated on all associated tasks and documents

  • If your collaborators are offline, they clearly see yellow information that might be outdated, and red information that they modified while offline. And as soon as they come back online, everything synchronizes automatically.

Try it out today!

We have set up a special demo account with a fake event for you to play with.

And if you need other features, please let us know...